Duterte: 'Yes, I am a Dictator'

Duterte: 'Yes, I am a Dictator'

President seems to have provide a quotable quote that would make his detractors happy.

During the Malacañang dinner hosted by the President Rodrigo Duterte for the 200 former New People’s Army rebels , in a speech he admitted that he is a dictator as what his critics have kept saying since he occupied the seat of the presidency.

“Yes, it is true. I am a dictator. I have to be a dictator for the good of the country,” Duterte said.

Pres. Duterte (photo credit to owner)

 The rebel surrenderees are form the Eastern Mindanao area, with whom he had the chance to interact when he was still a mayor.

The President explains that with 16 million votes won in the last Presidential elections, he believes that his style of leadership  is acceptable to a majority of Filipinos. His iron fist approach, he added, is much needed in the fight against illegal drugs and corruption. Chaos would ensue, he warned, if he goes soft on criminals and troublemakers.

Duterte stressed that the executive branch of government which he leads is the ultimate repository of powers in government.
He claims that even if he describes himself as a dictator, he is not and will not be a fascist or a puppy of the United States of America.

How can I be tuta (puppy) of the US when I do not even talk with anyone in the US military?”

Duterte criticized the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines – Jose Maria Sison, who is in exile in the Netherlands, for wanting to become the president of the country, that he cannot give n to the unreasonable demands of Sison.

“Do not believe in Sison whom you have made into your god because he has not taught you anything but to kill and hold-up or extort both the rich and the poor,” the President said.    *

Duterte cites how  ironic communist giants like China and Russia have become major centers of capitalism in this time of age.

The President continues his speech that in a continued struggle the government forces will always be enjoying the upper hand since it has the weapons to do so.
The rebel returnees as promised by the President will be given housing units, jobs and schooling for their children.

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