DND signs a deal for 16 brand new Bell 412EPI helicopters for PAF

DND signs a deal for 16 brand new Bell 412EPI helicopters for PAF

The modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines just got a big boost.

The Department of National Defense in behalf of the Philippines just signed a deal with Canada to buy for the Philippine Air Force sixteen (16)  Bell 412EPI combat utility helicopters  worth $233.36 million, the deal is part of the modernization program that is a badly needed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Previously the country was also able to acquire eight (8) 412EP units in 2015. *
Bell 412EP helicopter (Helis.com)

Patrick Moulay, executive vice president for global sales at Bell, said initial deliveries would be made later this year. Most of the aircraft will arrive in 2019 and the order is expected to be completed in 2020.

The purchase was conducted via government-to-government contract with state-owned Canadian Commercial Corporation, at P12.07 billion. The 2015 purchase contract was also done via government-to-government contract by the Canadian Commercial Corporation that cost the government P4.8 billion.

Major-General Restituto Padilla, military chief of plans, in a statement said that the new helicopters will be used for the military's internal security operations, and could also be used for search-and-rescue and disaster relief operations.

The 412EPI, described as an improvement on the basic 412 platform, comes with the BasiX Pro avionics system and technical improvements that Bell touts as increasing the aircraft’s safety, handling and lifting capabilities.

Powered by Pratt & Whitney engines, the 412EPI has a top speed of 259 kilometers per hour, a maximum range of 674 kilometers and can carry up to 15 people including the pilot.

“We are honored that the Bell 412 will continue to serve the Philippines through the Philippine Air Force for many more years to come,” Bell Helicopter Asia Pacific managing director Sameer Rehman said in a statement. *

“Bell’s helicopters have been a key component for the Philippine Air Force in the past and we look forward to bringing these aircraft into service quickly to serve the citizens of the Philippines.”

The new 412EPI helicopters would replace the second-hand Vietnam War-era UH-1H Huey , the workhorse of the Philippine Air Force.
Report from Manila Times

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