Pimentel to critics of shift to Federalism : not created to suit Duterte

Pimentel to critics of shift to Federalism : not created to suit Duterte

The issue regarding the proposal of the country shifting to the federal form of government has now been openly debated upon.

As usual since is one of the campaign promises of the President, and his party the PDP-Laban is the one spearheading the move in the halls of Congress. The opposition has already been making sure they move everything to discredit the good intentions of the President and his allies.

ABS CBN Ted Failon in his DZMM radio show interviewed Senate President Koko Pimentel re the planned shift The planned shift to a federal form of government.   .
Senate President Koko Pimentel III (photo credit to owner)

The Senate President has made it cleat that the shift to federal government was not designed for the extension of the term of the President in Malacañan.

"Hindi ito for Duterte. 1982 pa e federalism na ang advocacy ng PDP-Laban. Wala pa sa radar, sa national level si President Duterte. So, we’re doing this for Duterte? Malabo po yata ‘yun," Pimentel said in an interview on DZMM.

On the contrary, the Senate President clarified that it will weaken the poers of the executive branch, with whom is solely exercised by the President.

"In a federal form of government, you are creating other centers of power. Kaya nga ako bilib sa presidente natin. He is willing to let go of some of his powers," Kiko Pimentel said.

Under the draft created by PDP-Laban's think-tank, a bicameral legislature will be retained where members of the House will be elected by district, while the Senate will be composed of one representative per region.

There will be "11 centers of power plus one center of power" that will be headed by an elected president, as stated in the proposed draft.

There will be no term extensions to all incumbent officials, since the draft calls for a 10 year transition period.  *

"Walang extension ng term. Kung nagbago ang mga na-elect, magbabago din 'yung composition ng regional assembly. Hindi ibig sabihin na yung mga nakaupo ngayon ay sila na," Pimentel said.

Anti-dynasty provisions will be included in the new political system that is proposed.

"Wag sila mag-alala sa anti-dynasty provision dahil sa 1987 constitution, hindi nila nilagyan ng ngipin kasi sabi nila, let Congress do this [anti-dynasty]. E di ngayon ang chance natin," he said.

The draft is not yet final and would undergo nationwide debates.

"Hindi pa final yun kasi talagang pinag-iisipang mabuti... Magdebate po tayo. Let's bring the debate outside of Metro Manila. Tingnan natin kung valid yung mga critisismo," he said.

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