Duterte mulls Total Firecracker ban

Duterte mulls Total Firecracker ban

It was already expected from the time the President was elected.

And the Department of Health (DOH) reported 463 firecracker-related injuries as Filipinos welcomed 2018, a 27 percent decrease from the previous year.

And this decreasing  trend has been attributed to none other than the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s stand on the non-use of firecrackers.
"Goodbye Philippines" one of those deadly firecrackers ever made in the country(photo credit to owner)

And because of this, the President will ask the Congress to craft a law that will outlaw firecrackers following a drop in the number of firecracker-related injuries in the recent New Year celebration.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said the President wants Congress to begin tackling the proposal so that voices of all stakeholders in the firecracker industry would be heard.

“He (Duterte) realizes that there will be about  75,000 individuals who are working in this industry. He instructed the Department of Trade and Industry to look for alternative livelihood for the would-be displaced workers,” Roque said in a news briefing.

“He wants Congress to enact this law at the soonest time possible so that the public debate on the banning of fireworks and pyrotechnics could begin as early as possible.”

Duterte’s Executive Order (EO) was implemented limiting  the use of firecrackers to designated areas.

Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Francisco Duque III has also made the call   for the implementation of total ban on firecrackers.

President Duterte a longtime Davao mayor, implemented a total ban on the use of firecrackers in the city of Davao, and makes use of that experience as his template in making on a much grander/nationwide scale.   * 

“The President has always banned firecrackers in Davao City as a mayor. So I don’t think it’s a result of a recommendation of any other than it’s a result of his own prognosis that firecrackers and pyrotechnics are inimical to human health and safety,” Roque said.
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