Jollibee opens PH biggest poultry plant in the country

Jollibee opens PH biggest poultry plant in the country

The ChickenSad hashtag will never happen again. Jollibee made sure of it.

Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) and US- based Cargill entered into a joint venture forming  Cargil Joy Poultry Meats Production, Inc.  or C-Joy as it opened a very ambitious project- the largest poultry processing plant in the Philippines.

The facility is located in the town of Sto. Tomas , Batangas. The plant is seen as a big boost  for the local poultry farmers  not only in the whole province of Batangas but also for the nearby provinces. They can be seen as the supplier for the chicken meat that Jollibee will be needing to sustain its very popular Chicken Joy product. *

United States of America Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim heads the inauguration of the Philippines largest poultry processing plant in the country in Sto. Tomas Batangas, this was made possible by a joint venture between Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) and US based Cargill( photo credit to
The plant has a processing capacity of 45 million chickens per year, the plant provides dressed and marinated chicken to meet the increased demand at JFC brands in the country. 

The press statement states that the C-Joy “underscores its commitment to deliver convenient, safe and affordable chicken products to the JFC brands in the Philippines”. The inauguration was celebrated in the presence of the United States Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim, Batangas 3rdDistrict Congresswoman Ma. Theresa Collantes, and Sto. Tomas Mayor Edna Sanchez.

Paul Fullbright, President and CEO of C-Joy said: “We are bringing protein to family’s tables across the Philippines. Cargill and Jollibee came together to start this plant because of our common commitment to the highest standards in product quality and food safety. This is reflected in this new plant which harnesses technology and global experience to deliver tasty chicken products in an environment which is safe for our employees and is environmentally sustainable.”

C-Joy is partnering with local poultry farmers in Batangas and nearby provinces to supply chickens to the new facility. The farming community expressed their excitement at the income opportunities and highlighted their eagerness to be providing chicken to JFC brands in the country.  

“We are looking forward to producing the chickens that will be supplied to the C-Joy plant to meet the poultry meat requirements of Jollibee. One thing I was impressed about is the biosecurity requirements to control food safety at every stage of production. They are surely raising the bar there,” said Mr. Vic Lao, President of Highcrest Corporation, a partner-grower of C-Joy. “We have already built a strong relationship with C-Joy and the executives from Cargill that we have met, and I am assured that this partnership will be a successful one for all parties.”   *

Sto. Tomas Mayor Sanchez hailed the positive contribution the Cargill and Jollibee investment will have on the local communities in Sto. Tomas, the province of Batangas and nearby provinces, strengthening the local economy.

“We hope that this plant will eventually provide and augment work and business opportunities to poultry growers, allied services and qualified Tomasinos alike,” said Mayor Sanchez. “We are looking forward to more effective and enhanced partnership between this municipality and soon to be city of Sto. Tomas and C-Joy in providing high quality and safe food products and most prominently in improving the general welfare of the community.”

United States  Ambassador to the Philippines Kim viewed the continued investments from Cargill in the Philippines as an example of the strong economic relationship between the United States and the Philippines. The Philippines was the first country where Cargill established its presence in Asia back in 1948.  

“We are proud that US companies like Cargill make investments that strengthen the economic partnership between our two countries and contribute to the economic development of the Philippines by providing livelihood opportunities, particularly in rural areas,” said the US ambassador.

JFC Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Tanmantiong reiterated what he said in May 2016 when JFC and Cargill forged an agreement to form a joint venture to build and operate a poultry processing plant: “We partnered with Cargill to deliver high-quality chicken products through Cargill’s technology and quality standards. The facility will provide JFC with dressed and marinated chicken to augment the chicken supply requirements of the growing needs of JFC brands. This partnership will meaningfully benefit our customers, our operations as well as the overall Philippine food industry. We will continue to maintain our strong relationship with key chicken suppliers in the country and look forward to sustained long-term supply arrangements with them as our businesses grow together.” *

The plant investment comes is a welcome development, 3 years ago JFC’s Chicken Joy fried chicken briefly disappeared from its stores due to a “systems upgrade” which caused then the #Chickensad hastag that went viral.

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